Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Small Packages

Am I so weird (don't answer that right away) for being a Christian woman, who doesn't agree with abortion, but still uses birth control, and doesn't have insurance? Apparently so. I am having a really hard time finding a service that provides cheap (or free) birth control... that isn't Planned Parenthood. I went to PP in St. Cloud, I am ashamed to admit. I didn't know how heavily involved they were with promoting abortions; I just thought they were a low-income woman's health care provider. Now that I know, I refuse to go back. However, I've had at least two health care receptionists tell me to go PP, who then seem baffled when I say I don't want to support PP's mission.

I thought I found a place that agreed with my position: The Woman's Support Center in Milwaukee. I made an appointment to go in today, where I sat and talked with a woman. Excuse me, let me describe the incident more clearly: where I sat and got lectured for 45 minutes by a woman who told me I was evil for using contraceptives, they were going to break up my marriage, that my husband didn't really love me if he encouraged contraceptives, and that I was putting myself above God for using birth control. It was offending, humiliating, and very, very insulting.

So, as an uninsured, married woman, it seems that my two options are to be forced into using natural methods (I do not have anything against women who use natural, or other, methods of birth control. I just don't like being told that doing this makes me a "better Christian".) or going to an abortion center. I'm exaggerating. Another option is to pay out of pocket for a gynecology appointment at a doctor's clinic or to get insurance - both costly options.

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