Monday, January 04, 2010

All I want for Christmas...

... is a Canon50millimeterlenswithauvhazefilter!

(phew. Trying fitting all that into the tune of the song.)

Now, without further ado, Kendel, my new 50 mm lens and I present:

A Winter's Tale

Kendel and I had to go for a walk.
But it was very, very cold out.

Kendel needed to wear his "pancho".
He didn't like it very much.

I needed to dress warmly too.
I didn't know if I should wear my hat...

... or just my hood.
(I went for the hat.)



  1. Jealous.
    Maybe I can get one before I go to school... ha ha, maybe not.

  2. Hi Charlotte! It's Beth, I came over to check out your blog too.

    Umm... you're adorable!


  3. That photo of the dog is soooo good! Not that the others aren't good, they are, but that one really jumped out at me because of the amazing depth of field, focus and the fact that the background perfectly matched the puppy's fur.

  4. ahhh everyone who loves cameras should get a fixed friend calls hers her "nifty fifty". It is my favorite lens...though I broke it's auto focus and manually focusing that sucker is hard work!
    Lovely little tale with a lovely little lens.

  5. Thanks for the compliments, all!

    Summer - ah, manual focusing... somehow I'm able to do it quickly and accurately with my film camera, but I resort to auto focus with my digital (the one we have the 50 mm for). My husband uses manual nearly exclusively... he pushes me to do so as well. It gets easier with practice, for sure.