Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Year, New Me

Thank you to Nick & Cindy, KillerB and Laura for giving me feedback about how to improve my bloggy-ness. I will take your suggestions into account. I've already changed the background... two people telling me my blog is too difficult to read is two people too many, yes?

Other followers and friends - don't be shy! I'd still appreciate feedback.

I guess something I didn't realize with blogging is how... purposeful I have to be. I have to make more of an effort to read people's blogs and comment on them. I actually have to set aside time to make sure my blogging is meaningful. I guess it could almost feel like work, if it wasn't also so enjoyable. Like NaBloPoMo, I feel that meaningful blogging is challenging me to become a better writer. It doesn't mean my blog can't be silly and fun - it is, and it will be - but rather, to make my silly and fun posts the most gosh-darn well-written posts you've ever read.

So that's my new goal: blogging with purpose.

In other news, here is a collection of haikus I wrote earlier today when I was in a bad mood:

in a bad mood funk.
even Kendel notices.
he goes, slips away.

I let it fester.
stupid, stupid, stupid, dumb.
every little thing.

I could change, you know.
If I wanted to. I don't.
Not long now. It's gone.

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