Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer Fashion Week: Day Four

Shirt:  Hand-me-down from my sister
Capris:  Kohls
Shoes:  Goodwill

This is a fairly typical work outfit for me.  We can wear jeans on Fridays - on Thursdays in the summer, since there's no school on Friday - and the blouse is old, so I don't mind (as much) if it gets ruined.  I really like this outfit - it feels classic, 'all-American girl', if you will!

Want to feel inspired?  Check out the other ladies of fashion here!  They're all darling, I can tell you that much.

oh... hai... this is mah hair.  It's... um... dark.

I didn't mean for it to be this dark.  If you had noticed in any of my previous fashion pictures, my higher was a blondy brown, with some oh-so-fashionable dark roots.  I wanted to dye my hair back to its original brown, so I wouldn't have to keep getting blonde-brown touchups (I had gotten one touchup already, after dying it blonde-brown in January), and uh... it didn't go quite as planned.

Maybe Jordan picked the wrong color.  (I had him match my roots to the color on the box.)  Maybe I left the dye in too long.  All I know is that I wasn't trying to go back to the jet-black hairstyle I had in high school...

My hair, circa 2005.


  1. I love each and every one of your outfits. Every day, I'm so impressed! You're very versatile! And your hair looks very chic, it suit your well and brings out your eyes.

  2. there's just something about a white top and jeans that feels classically american. =) and i've always liked that old picture of you--it's a cute, sassy, pin-up-y pose, all ladylike in black and white with pearls, and your hair's going "aaaaaaaaaah!! i'm going to take over the fraaaaaaammmmee!" =)

  3. Rachel - you're the best. Seriously, you are so sweet and you compliment so specifically. I admire your fashion sense (among other things) and it is just great to hear the compliments from you... thanks much!

    katie - I know, my hair is TOTALLY taking over the frame! Afro monster!

  4. Did I just SEND my comment? I'm not sure anymore, but I would be very sorry if I'd accidently lost the nice words... hhhmmmh?

  5. Rats obviously I mistyped the word verification and then closed the window.

    OK, summary:
    - GREAT shoes, love them and the blouse doesn't look old at all, its so nicely cut and suits you very well

    I love your hair colour and I don't think it is too dark. It goes along with your eyes very well.
    I usually start dyeing my hair in autumn to look sophisticated autumnish with a very dark brown.

  6. Helen - while I love the hair color you currently have, autumn-brown would look fantastic on you too!

  7. I really like your hair dark! And I LOVE that you posted the beautiful picture from 2005! What a hottie!

    Also, I really like your flats. They are so classic and complement the jeans and white shirt ("all american") look. In high school I wore jeans and a white tee as almost a uniform!