Wednesday, December 29, 2010

days of revelry

On Christmas Eve...
While cutting cucumbers (for refrigerator pickles), I sliced part of the tip of my thumb off.
I had to wear this giant, ridiculous bandage because danged if I was going to let my fingertip come between me and my dinner.

Speaking of dinner, Jordan and I ate a delicious, romantic, candlelit Christmas Eve dinner.
... in our pj's.

I made some awesome cookies.

Jordan and I broke tradition and exchanged presents.  He surprised me with an espresso maker!
... which came broken.

I am injured!

On Christmas Day...

I brought my camera to the in-law's festivities, almost solely to take pictures of Jordan's cousin's kids.
Tell me if they are not the most adorable, photogenic kids ever.

Also, I felt my niece kick.  I've felt babies kick before, but it's wonderful, and mysterious every time.
I already love her so much.

On Boxing Day...

The highlight for me was opening a package of Trader Joe's Candy Cane Joe-Joes. 
I basically transformed into Gollum, snatching the package away from Jordan and literally hugging it to my chest.

My prrreecccciiioussssss.

(Side note:  did you know when you search 'candy cane joe joes' in Google Images, you get results of Taylor Swift?  I didn't.)

Another highlight of the day was watching my aunt squeal like a little girl when she opened a hand-knit red stocking cap from my grandma.  She said she's wanted one her whole life; I've never seen someone get so excited over a hat!  It was awesome.

My sister and I played two hours of Angry Birds.  
And I am not ashamed.

End Holiday Festivities.

The rest of this week, from then until now, have been filled with brewery tours, and cross-country skiing, and movie marathons, and playing with babies, and sushi.  I am a lucky, lucky woman.


  1. You're welcome for the cookies ;)
    Ps. who did you play angry birds with?
    Ps again. We should ask Gma for stocking caps for next year.. yes.

  2. Carolyn. If I didn't play with you, who's my other sister?! ;)

  3. sounds wonderful! though it sucks that the espresso maker arrived broken! my mom gave me a french coffee press which she said arrived broken too but luckily she was able to get it replaced in time for christmas!

    and yes, those kids are adorable!

    and i LOVE angry birds!!!

  4. Great photos, lady.
    Sounds like you had a spectacular holiday... except for the injury part and the broken! espresso! maker! boo.
    Happy (almost) New Year! Woo Hoo

  5. you are adorable.

    last year, matt and i spent our whole christmas (day, since since eve we had my mum over for dinner) in our pjs. totally the way to go.

    come to think about it, i wore pjs all day this year, too.

    are those karla's kids?

    brewery tours, x-country skiing and movie marathons = the good life. wish i could be there with you. really wish we could all have a swing dancing new year's eve party. =/ maybe someday...

  6. This sounds like a fun christmas! Your nephews are adorable!! I was golluming myself over a chocolate ule log. ps. Do you know what comes up if you google "kelly leigh"???... either did I until I started my stupidly named blog... (only google it if u are in the mood for inappropriateness)

  7. I'm so glad you got to feel her on Christmas day! She keeps getting stronger, and next time you feel her, you're hand will move with the kick! :-)