Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring break Shenanigans

i've been all kinds of busy this spring break.


80's themed birthday parties!

making crazy delicious food

hanging out with my SAHM friends during daylight hours (it's a wonder, i tell ya.)

seeing people from california

going to discovery world

becoming a Jedi - kind of?  in this picture?  do you think so?

i am from the fuuuuttturrrre!


  1. '80s party? Yes, PLEASE.

    And I always knew there was something special about you! I just never figured out that you were a JEDI! How'd I miss that??

  2. You DO look like you're from the future! That is such an awesome pic-- so is the one with the long string of linked monkey arms :)

    80's themed birthday parties are perfection. This is my kind of spring break! I'm living vicariously through you, I hope you know!

  3. seriously?? that party looks awesome!

  4. What's 'SAHM'? I loveeee the kicked-up leg shot from the 80s party (what fun!) and the Jedi picture. I'll have to show my sisters as I have a very similar photo of them from 2 weeks ago. They'll LOVE to know they look like Jedis too.
    Oh man, I'm gonna have to try those muffins. I don't care for oil or butter which is why I generally avoid muffins.
    How'd the pretzels turn out? My friends made some recently. They had to use lye, it was scary. I never knew making big pretzels was so hard!

  5. Rachael - SAHM is "stay at home mom".

    I highly, highly recommend the muffins - they are probably the best banana muffins I've ever made. I threw some cranberries in the mix, and I can't stop eating them!

    The pretzels were also great. I've made pretzels before, but this was a new recipes. It isn't hard, since you use baking soda instead of lye... lye would terrify me!

  6. oooh, such fun! whose birthday was it? love the picture of the menfolk with jordan's too-short-shorts. =) silly boys...and you and lauralei are darling. =)

    i LOVE making homemade pretzels. i've only ever used the SK recipe, but they've always been a hit. and doesn't the house smell wonderful after? =)

    also, that last picture? with those boots and the plaid (flannel?) unbuttoned and that oh-don't-mind-me-i'm-just-sitting-here-looking-like-a-jedi-(because i totally get what you mean by that)-and-being-AWESOME...yeah, love that. =)

    your california-for-the-time-being girl

  7. you're from the future! i can totally see it! i love it :)