Wednesday, August 03, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday: Family Edition

my sisters are so fashionable.

way more than i was at their age,
and way more than i'll ever be.

so i take a lot of hand-me-downs advice from them.

we got together on saturday and sunday this weekend.
of course i need to share the outfits!


my outfit:
shirt from target
skirt from forever 21
scarf and boots borrowed from my sister
(though i did buy a pair of the boots in brown; they're from charlotte russe.)


(we brought my brother into this one!)

my outfit:
dress from goodwill
leggings from kohls
shoes from dsw
earrings (hard to see) were a gift

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  1. you guys look so fun! and i love your outfits!

    i've never had much of style, usually just jeans and a t-shirt. i don't know why i don't because i absolutely love fashion and looking at what other people are wearing. maybe it's a combination of it being how i grew up so i'm used to it, being overwhelmed when looking for certain outfits, and falling in love with expensive stylish things that i'll never be able to afford. it's like, when i see a certain style, i love it and want it but have NO idea how to do it myself! is any of this making any sense???

    i'm actually trying harder to buy different things and to really THINK about what i'm buying rather than just getting the same kinda stuff over and over. san francisco has me really excited to be more stylish. it seems that if i really want to stand out in a city like that, i probably shouldn't dress as boring as i do now. you know?

  2. A whole family of fashionistas?! Too good to be true. But it is!
    I especially love your dress + leggings combo. Oh, and all your poses and attitudes of course!

  3. Oh how lovely - you guys look really close! How big is your family?
    Ronnie xo

  4. Family Fashion Fun? Yes, Please!!!!

    You guys are too cute and it looks like you had a really fun (and fashionable) weekend.

    I'm loving your dress from Goodwill. I need a little thrifting in my life. It's been waaaaaaaaay too long.

  5. aww you guys all do have cute styles. now that i started working i'm having such a hard time finding a 'work' style! ugh!

  6. You girls are so cute!

  7. Ronnie - thank you! We are really close. There's five kids in my family; I'm the second oldest. My older brother lives in Nevada, so we don't see him too often.