Monday, December 19, 2011

Fancy Pants: 3 of 4

This was the catalyst.  The Big Kahuna.  The start of it all.  This is the reason why I wanted to start this whole "dressing up for the holiday season" shindig:  The Winter Dance Formal.

I've been looking forward to the Winter Formal for more than a year.  You see, Jordan and I first became involved in the swing dance scene in Milwaukee in November 2010.  We had been going to about a month of lessons when the Winter Dance Formal was announced.  It's pretty self-explanatory - you dress up, you dance, you have a good time.  I really wanted to go, but Jordan didn't feel confident enough in his dancing skills, so we sat it out.

Not this year!  This year, we bought our tickets in November, and anxiously waited the date.  And the event did not disappoint.  It was a wonderful time; it was great to "let our hair down", so to speak, and dance to pop tunes instead of the swing dance standards.  I'm already looking forward to next year!

Anyway, for my outfit - big surprise, I'm wearing black, white and grey. 
I prefer the term "classic", rather than "monochromatic", ok?

Dress:  borrowed from my sister, originally from H&M
Necklace and earrings:  a gift
Hairpiece:  Kohls
Shoes:  K-Mart
(though I changed shoes to dance - I sprained my ankle 6 years ago dancing in heels.  Not worth it.)

Other outfits are here and here.

Tell me something special about your weekend!
Only 5 more days until Christmas!
I still haven't wrapped my presents... ack...


  1. yay! you look LOVELY!

    i didn't know milwaukee's scene did a winter formal! i'm kind of jealous...maybe next year we'll come out for a pre-christmas visit? =) (probably not, but hey, i can dream...)

    this weekend, i...hmm. we watched an episode of BBC's "blue planet?" experimented with recipes for a surprising number of alcoholic beverages? oh, and i made thumbprint cookies for the first time (smitten kitchen recipe, naturally)? kind of low-key.

  2. LOVE. You look great and I love the entire ensemble!!!

    Something special about this weekend... we have lovely friends in town that we have been blessed with spending time together. It's been great: shopping, food, hanging out. I love it!

  3. VERY cute! I'm always monochromatic but I'm embracing it, haha :) I got to catch up this w/e with some friends that i don't see often enough, it was nice!

  4. Cute dress! This sounds like it was so much fun!

  5. Wowowow! Charlotte, you look stunning!

  6. AH! Gorgeous! Wow, Charlotte, you look amazing! I'm glad you guys got to go this year.