Friday, December 02, 2011

Hark, hear the bells

I've been keeping a secret this year.
I've thought about suggesting it to people, but I'm worried about what they'll say.
You want to know?  Here goes...

I want to go caroling this year.

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dressed like this:

Dorky, right?

But I think there's something so cute and nostalgic about caroling.
Walking through the snow, spreading Christmas cheer.
Rosy cheeks and songbooks and singing slightly off-key.

When I've mentioned it to people, they think it's silly or awkward to knock on random people's doors and sing at them.
But if carolers came to my house, I would welcome them with open arms!

Would you ever go caroling?
Would you join me if I did?

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some Rudolph to watch and a bowl of peppermint ice cream to enjoy.

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  1. I went caroling once as a teenager with my then-church. It was fun, but kind of awkward and a little embarrassing- and we were in normal clothes! Of course, you could say everything about me at the time was awkward and embarrassing. :)

    I say do it! I think it would be really cool.

  2. i would TOTALLY be in. (but you know i feel that way about just about any adventure you propose. =)

    if you're going to dress dickens-esque, then i think you have to sing with a british accent, and that could be tricky. =)

  3. Oh Charlotte! Every year I try to get my friends and family to go out caroling! We almost made it last year. I think costumes would probably make it less awkward because it would look more intentional.

    If we're ever in the same state over Christmas, this needs to happen.

  4. Not sure about the costumes (simply for practical, and financial, reasons), but I will SO go caroling with you. When Cornerstone still met at Horning, we'd go every year around the Vogel's neighborhood, and then make it home to delicious snacks, and a warm house. It was always fun, and never awkward. Part of the key is having enough people, though. I think just the two of us would make it awkward... :D

  5. I love it! DO IT! I'm like you, if carolers came to my door I would be so thrilled.

  6. katie - I think we could get away with singing old-fashioned caroling songs, like "Wassail". Like the Madrigals would do, when they visited our elementary schools... remember that?

    Marianne - If we were closer, we would definitely be caroling, whether our families liked it or not! ;) (Though I'd want your husband to come, being an opera singer and all.)

    Laura - I remember caroling at the Vogels! I thought it was so much fun... I basically think about it every year, and want to go back. :)

    Everyone - okay, you encouraged me! I sent out a message to see if some church friends (and you, Laura!) want to go with me... we'll see how it goes!

  7. We went Christmas caroling every year growing up. A few of the neighboring families got together and we walked door to door thru our neighborhood doing it. And at the end, we had a party at one of our houses. Totally fun!

    Also, in my church growing up it was a tradition to go caroling in the middle of the night. And at every house, the people had to get up and make you something. Then those people had to join you and you journeyed to another house. Totally fun!

  8. MMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Peppermint ice cream!

  9. That'd be SSOOOooo awesome! You should do it! I can't wait to read about how cool it is and how much fun you have.

  10. I love caroling and try to go every year. You can always sing at a retirement home - they would love the attention - no matter what you wear!

  11. This is awesome! Can I see a photo if and when you do?
    Ronnie xo

  12. I would do it only for the costumes. I SERIOUSLY cannot sing.

    Can I get in on some of that peppermint icecream?

  13. This is so dorky but I love it because of that! I actually wouldn't mind carolers coming to my door, only because it's never happened before. (By the way, I think we were watching Rudolph at the same time... It was on television about a week ago.)

  14. Totally late - but the Steaming Cup organizing a group to go caroling. I saw the sign last week and it made me think of you.