Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Scotch, but not like the booze

decorating the tree.

growing up, my dad always had this silly "squint test" he would do to see if your lights were evenly dispersed. 
he insisted it worked.
and maybe it does.

if it does, our tree fails the test.

we've been calling our tree Scottie.
which isn't as fun as Sir Gregory MacPherson.
but it's a lot easier.

naturally, one of his decorations is a proper Scottish scarf.


as I spoke about in the first tree post, I love traditions.
I added another one this year.
Beth gave me the idea.
I wrote a little note about Christmas 2011 - what kind of tree we got, when we decorated, what we hope for next year - and put it in a stocking ornament.
we'll read it next year, and remember the time gone by.
mucho gracias to Beth for the idea!

also, dang gina, this be my 400th post!
hip hip and a hooray for me.


  1. Haha, our little one fails the squint test too :P

    But Sir Gregory MacPherson IS so much more fun to say! He's still awesome nonetheless!

  2. There are so many lights on our tree that I don't think the squint test would even apply to us. Hahahahha. Love that "Scottie" has a scarf on!

  3. Oh Charlotte -- I just noticed the shout out, thank you! (I'm catching up on all my bloggy reading after being under the weather a bit)

    Your tree looks great!

  4. I love all your tradition starting :)