Thursday, May 10, 2012

Top Ten Thursday: Children's Books

And now for something, a bit different than my last post!

In celebration of Children's Book Week, and the unfortunate passing of Maurice Sendak (Nat wrote a sweet post dedicated to him), I present my top ten children's books.  I have always, always loved to read, and I'm happy to discover new children's books, even though I don't have children [yet].  I'll give you the books in order of youngest readers to oldest readers.  Share some of your favorites in the comments below, and read a book to your kid, why dontcha?

Go, Dog. Go! by P.D. Eastman

Really, I could have put all of the Seuss and Eastman books in this spot; One Fish, Two Fish... was the first book I read on my own!  And who doesn't love Fox in Socks, Green Eggs and Ham, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Are You My Mother?  But Go, Dog. Go! holds a special place in my heart.

 Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr.

Have you read this book out loud?  Do it.  It's so fun, such a rhythmic book, with great rhymes.

Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown

"In a great green room, there was a telephone, a red balloon, and a picture of..."
Yep, just wrote those lines from memory.  How many children have been read this story at bedtime?  How calming and soothing are the words?  I feel settled just thinking about the book.

The Little Bear books by Else Holmelund Minarik

I know this isn't one of Mr. Sendak's most famous works (he did the illustrations), but it's my favorite.  My favorite of the stories was when Little Bear tried to go to the moon.  The stories are imaginative, but everything is okay in the end, just as it should be.

The Elephant and Piggie books by Mo Willems

How charming are these books?  I can't wait to read them to my children, silly voices and all!  I also enjoy them, because Elephant reminds me of my friend, and Piggie reminds me of me!  The Don't Let the Pigeon books, also by Willems, are awesome as well.

The Frog and Toad books by Arnold Lobel

These are simple, quiet books.  No frills, no gimmicks.  They tell a true story of friendship.

The American Girl series by various authors

Big, big fan of the American Girls over here!  I had a Felicity doll, my friend and I dressed up as Samantha (me) and Kirsten (her) for an event at our library, and I read these books until the covers fell off.

The Baby-Sitter's Club series by Ann M. Martin

This is my most shameful inclusion, but yep, I read the Baby-Sitters Club books like they were going out of style.  If you were a fan too, you might find this blog as amusing as I did.

 The Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder

I've written about these books before; I think they are the books I've read the most throughout my life.  I think I could pick them up today, and enjoy them just as much.

Mandy by Julie Edwards

This book is actually written by Julie Andrews.  Yes, that Julie Andrews.  (Her married name is Edwards.)  On the surface, it's a fairly typical orphan story, but it's a hidden treasure.

Celebrate Children's Book Week with your favorite books!


  1. Go, Dog, Go was Connor's first favorite book, so that one will always hold a special place in my heart! And his current favorite is The Moon Shines Down. But we are a book loving family. We have at least 100 little kids books. Crazy, right? I have always loved reading, so that has been something I really wanted to instill in my children. As for books from my childhood, I loved Clifford the Big Red Dog and when I was a little older The Boxcar Children was one of my favorites. And my mom kept most of the books from my childhood (and my brother's too) and has them out for my kids to play with, so fun!

  2. aw, i really liked "go, dog, go!" i think my favorite children's book was "make way for ducklings" -- it had ducks and boston (and beautiful pen-sketch illustrations!), what's not to enjoy? i also liked the jan brett books, and how those illustrations were full of the folklore of the nordic lands. "the little house on the prairie" series was also a favorite -- matt and i were just talking about that, he didn't know she was a real person and that the books are based on her life.

    i read a lot of the boxcar children, the babysitter's club, and the (original, 1950s-ish) nancy drew and hardy boys books. =) LOVED mysteries!

  3. I didn't know that Julie Andrews wrote a book! I kinda love her!

  4. You know how much I love children's books!!! I need to check out a few from your list that I've never heard of before- there are just so many great books out there to choose from!

  5. Fun list! Let's see... favorite picture book: Where the Wild Things Are, Jane and the Dragon, Mama, Do You Love Me? (which is one of Evelyn's favorites now, too!); favorite chapter books: The Time Warp Trio series (so funny, and what a great vocabulary!), nearly anything Jerry Spinelli, especially Stargirl and Wringer, and anything by Sharon Creech, especially Chasing Redbird and Walk Two Moons, and, actually Bridge to Terabithia.

  6. Also, Julie Andrews wrote another book, too. It's called "The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles." I don't remember it very well, but it was fun and light and magical. So it can't be bad, right?

  7. Julie E.May 14, 2012

    okay, I followed your link to the babysitters club blogger and I could not stop laughing. Greg kept looking at me and going, "what?" But if you haven't read the books it's too hard to explain. that was hilarious.

  8. Our Goodnight Moon is wrinkled through and through, because we used to read it to Angus every night at bedtime. I can't believe I'd never read it prior to that. My variation is that I do the last three pages in Cantonese. :)
    Oh, and I also loved the Babysitters' Club when I was young! No shame in that at all!
    Ronnie xo

  9. I'm glad you included the Babysitters Club series AND Mandy in your list. Those are 2 of my childhood faves as well :)