Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Don we now our gay apparel (4)

Time for the grand finale!  As I mentioned earlier, I read a passage in my friend's beautiful wedding.  Laura (the girl in the lace black dress above) also read a passage.  I helped her buy that gorgeous dress for another friend's wedding, and she wanted another chance to wear it.  I agreed to coordinate with a black dress.  Perfect excuse to find a LBD of my own!

Dress:  H&M
Sweater (pictured above):  The Limited
Tights (pictures above):  hand-me-down
Shoes:  You can't see them, but they're grey heels, with a buckle.  I've had them for years, but I realized have yet to take a picture of them!

This dress from H&M was perfect, except for the lack of sleeves.  I didn't want a long sweater to cover up the tailored fit of the dress, and I didn't own any short sweaters...

Luckily, my mom & sister helped me find the little sweater at The Limited.  I initially refused to buy it - it cost more than the dress!  However, a 50% discount quickly remedied that situation.

Sigh.  My final fancy dress post.  I suppose now it's truly the end of the holiday season.  Until next year!


  1. That is the perfect little black dress! It looks great on you!!!

  2. Love the dress! I just bought my first LBD, and how did I not think to look at H&M!? :-) It's super cute.

  3. You look stunning, I like it a lot! I need to start looking for a wedding dress and you better believe that I am freaking out... argh.

  4. I love dresses with sleeves, but they are hard to find! Those little sweaters can definitely come in handy!