Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday evening

Caught my husband chilling in his new welding helmet.
Totally appropriate Saturday night behavior, yeah?

Weather:  WOULD IT JUST WARM UP ALREADY?!  It snowed this morning.  Again.

Reading:  Surprisingly, I'm juggling a few books right now.  I'm reading "Sense and Sensibility" for book club, Bill Bryson's "Shakespeare" for pleasure, and a Kierkegaard anthology for devotional time.  It's rare for me to read more than one book, much less three!

Doing:  Trying to avoid taking a nap.  It's late enough that if I slept now, I wouldn't fall asleep at bedtime.  I'll push through and go to bed early.

Eating:  I've been craving creamy pasta, so I made lemon alfredo for lunch.  It hit the spot!

Listening:  I'm getting in touch with my indie Scottish side - Amy MacDonald and Travis.  Amy MacDonald is a recent find.  I haven't listened to Travis in years, so it's a nice blast from the past.

Buying:  Nothing!

Enjoying:  Dreams.  I often dream vividly and intensely.  I've had a few wonderful ones recently, about falling in love, and repairing relationships.  I know not everyone remembers their dreams, and most people aren't blessed with happy dreams, so I'm grateful for these.

Loving:  Trying to prepare for Easter.  Normally, I ignore the Lenten season, but I've been trying to take extra time during this time to reflect and pray.

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  1. Seriously, though, it seems like it really ought to be warm by now!