Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Coffee break

Almost two years ago, I took a month-long break from sugar.  It was better than I thought it would be; while I haven't cut sugar out of my diet entirely, it helped me refocus my feelings about sugar.  It's a treat, not a necessity.  I should fill up on food, not dessert.  And so on.

Unintentionally, in the past two months, I've also done the same with coffee.  It started when I was going through a time of intense anxiety.  I was already feeling wired and jumpy, and I wasn't sleeping well.  I figured I needed to give my body a break.  I didn't want to add fuel to the fire, adding caffeine on top of an already over-worked system.

I don't remember if I quit cold-turkey, or tapered things off.  (Maybe I did a quick taper?  Is that a thing?)  But I do remember realizing I didn't need coffee to help me wake up in the morning.  God would sustain me with the energy I needed for the day.  Sure, there were some mornings and afternoons I felt like my brain synapses weren't quite firing on all cylinders.  But I had those days when I regularly drank coffee as well!

Like sugar, I'm not writing this post to say I'm better than anyone who drinks coffee.  To be honest, I miss it.  I enjoy the taste, and the comfort of the routine.  But again, it's a refocusing of my feelings.  Coffee is a treat, not a necessity.   Right now, I still only drink it occasionally because I'm unsure if it spikes anxious feelings, either through relating things like a quickened heart rate to being anxious, or other reasons.  But even if I eventually go back to drinking it daily, I'd like to keep the "a treat, not a need" mentality.


  1. I'm not going to lie, I feel convicted in a good way by this, especially, "God would sustain me with the energy I needed for the day." I hope being off coffee is helping with your anxiety.

  2. Yay! Not that there is something inherently bad about caffeine/coffee, but it's encouraging that you've learned something about yourself and shifted your dependency from a substance to God. (That sounds kind of flippant, but although it's lighthearted I completely mean it.)