Thursday, May 01, 2014

Trying new things

Usually, I place a question at the end of my blog posts, for readers to respond, but I'm sticking it up here this time (woah, another new experience!):  have you tried anything new lately?

I've tried two new things in the past few weeks.  Neither was a rousing success, but they weren't failures either.  Here we go...

Activity 1:  Taking myself out on a date

Anyone else think this phrase is a little silly?  Or, its twin statement, "I'm just taking time to get to know myself."  I'm all for trying to understand yourself, but do you really need to call it a date?

Anyway, as an extrovert, I do not normally make plans to go to a coffee shop on my lonesome.  But when I visited my brother in Minneapolis two weeks ago, I found myself with extra alone time on my hands, when he was at class.

If I had limited alone time, with an activity, it was pretty nice.  I spent an hour at a comic book store and another hour at the weirdest art gallery.  (When the description of the gallery includes the words "bourgeois" and "non-art", it might be a sign to stay away.)  But a whole afternoon at a coffee shop proved to be pretty tough.  I ended up getting antsy after about an hour, despite trying to read and people-watch.  I should have gone to the antique store next to the coffee shop, but I was already feeling too jumpy by that point.

Conclusion:  I can get my introvert time at home; outings are more fun with friends!

Activity 2:  Going to the symphony

My Christmas present for my mom was tickets for her and I to see the symphony!  I wanted to take her to a play, but I couldn't find anything that really piqued my interest.  Neither of us have never been to the symphony, and I heard an interview with pianist Joyce Yang, who came to Milwaukee last weekend, so I secured some tickets.

Bad news first:  I much prefer the ballet or theater.  Even some choral music would have been helpful, as I often found my interest waning.  (I really enjoyed Handel's Messiah when Jordan and I went, years ago!) I was also pretty sleepy and had a hard time staying awake!

Good news second:  I was glad I went, and I'd go again (but probably not soon).  My mom really enjoyed it, which made me very happy.  Joyce Yang was fantastic - she played her entire thirty minute piece memorized - and I loved watching her expressive hands and body motions.

Conclusion:  A quite cultured and sophisticated event, but so is the ballet!


  1. Since I NEVER get alone time anymore, alone time sounds pretty magical! But I'm not so sure about calling it a date with myself. I have also been to the symphony once and found it ok. The music was beautiful, but it was a looong time for me to sit and watch someone play music. As for new things, I have given up sugar and found I ate it way more than I thought I did. Not exciting, but I can't really think of any new and exciting thing I have done lately.

  2. I don't think I would handle outside alone time without an activity particularly well, either. New things I've done recently? Angel and I explored downtown Chicago all by ourselves a couple weeks ago, which included taking a train/subway, and public transportation in this country is very unfamiliar to me since I live in the boondocks! I haven't read much in the way of educational non-fiction books since college (burn out?)--probably none except for devotional/faith-related books. But today I started reading a non-fiction book about teaching ESL and I'm remembering how awesome it is to learn through reading.

  3. I think I've fallen in love with self date nights over the past few years. It's awkward at first but in the end you start realizing how much it's needed.

  4. I wrote something...but then it went away. :(

    Self-date nights are great...but I wouldn't call it a date night. I love movies or dinner or anything by myself though. Huge introvert here.

    New things...I've been working on developing better habits for myself. Instilling good routines. We'll see how successful they are :)

  5. New thing, cutting out gluten. At least trying. It's tough! Also, staring my entire garden from seed. So far it's failing. 2 weeks in and not a single sprout.... :-/ Apparently I'm doing something wrong.

    These days, if I get even an hour of time to myself, it's delightfully amazing, and I don't know what to do with myself! Usually it ends up in grocery shopping and/or Target, but it's still awesome.

  6. One new thing I've been trying lately is to live with less. I've found myself purging, giving and clearing more and more every day. For someone who is a borderline hoarder, that's a big deal!

    I'm also trying to elongate junk from my daily diet- which is not new- just an ongoing battle!

    I think I'd go crazy siting alone by myself somewhere for more than 20 minutes. I like to be out by myself, but mostly to run errands. If I had to sit somewhere alone, I think I'd become too self-conscious and get in my head. I do love some alone time at home in the evenings, though- it's different to be in the quiet of my own house.

    I'm glad you shared your thoughts on the symphony... I agree- beautiful but hard to sit through.

    1. *eliminate junk, not elongate junk. Crazy phone. :)