Thursday, June 05, 2014

Summer goals

Every year, I try to create some summer goals for myself.  And every year, I usually fall flat, and feel unaccomplished.  I end up relaxing more than I plan, frittering away the hours reading or playing with Kendel.

This year, I'm starting with a new mindset.

This year, I'm saying "that's okay".

This year, I'm making it my goal to relax.  Get tan.  Spend days outside reading and walking the dog.  Think and pray.  Catch up with friends.  Try to invest in their lives.

It's a good change.  I'm looking forward to the new, looser mindset.

Buuuuut, since I'm still me, I do have three things I want to accomplish during the summer.  (What, did you really think I could walk away with absolutely no goals?  Come on.)  I'm setting rough timelines for them, since I feel that will make the projects seem less overwhelming.

June:  Clean out the basement storage unit.  We have boxes we threw in there when we moved three years ago, and haven't touched since!  I want to take all the boxes out, clean, sort and re-organize.  I'm also hoping to host a "clothing and stuff" swap, in either June or early July.  I'll donate all the items not swapped.

July:  Replace the old fences in our yard.  Yard work in general is something I'd like to keep up with this summer.  Jordan and I have already done well with mowing and weeding, two of our least favorite activities!  Replacing the fences will be a team project, but hopefully our yard will look that much nicer, and we'll be more inspired to keep it looking nice.

August:  Paint a canvas for our living room.  Our wall unit has one more space to be filled.  I have an idea for what I'd like to put there... and if it works out, I'd like to make another one for a friend!

There.  That feels good.  It feels good to get it down in print.

What are your goals this summer?


  1. I think figuring out the balance between goals and just plain enjoying life as it comes can be tricky to figure out--but worth it. Our main goal for the summer is all centered around our move--hopefully handling everything that goes along with the moving process with grace!

  2. Downtime is a very important goal too! And good job wanting to tackle your storage. I always need motivation to get started, then I enjoy purging.

  3. I think your goals are reasonable and practical enough that you might not feel as pressured about them as other types of goals, but still very worthwhile. I love a good clothing swap myself, so that should be awesome!